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Fri Mar 27 09:28:47 EST 1998

Please forgive this intrusion, this is a one time mailing and if
 you are not interested, I'll not bother you again.  If you are 
interested in working from home please read the info below.  
It could be just what you are looking for!  The first part of this
e-mail is from the author.


If you're reading this, then you may be looking for a business 
that's different, and really works and that's so NEW it's only 
just being promoted by e-mail.  You can run it entirely on line, 
in your spare or full time and it works anywhere throughout the 

My name is Michael G. Braid and at this time I am very 
committed into earning a Great 2nd income from a business 
that I have been running very successfully for the past 7 months, 
until recently just by using regular mail.

I have adapted my business and made it available to others 
since July 1997 to operate purely by e-mail (although it can 
still be run by regular mail as well).  What you will see here 
represents an incredible legal money making business that 
anyone can run from their kitchen table.  You will receive 
full instructions - it's so easy to work even the kids could do it!

I have been earning substantial profits from regular mail 
but the earnings from e-mail promotions will make this look 
like small change!  Plus the savings on printing and postage!

My present monthly income is over $5000 and growing by the 
week.  I confidently expect my annual earnings to exceed 
$60,000 in my first year, purely from regular mail within the UK. 
 Just think what this will rise to with the power of e-mail a
dvertising on a global scale?
Michael G. Braid.

This is a genuine home business, not a chain letter, money game, 
telecom scheme or any of the multitude of dubious ‘business' 
offers that come through your email box.  And to prove my 
sincerity, I make NO CHARGE to join me for the first month. 
You will receive all the information to get started plus the 
first months information package ($90 value).  If by a small 
chance you are not satisfied with the program by the first 
month and want to discontinue, you may by all means do so 
and I will never bug you again.  But, on the other hand, if 
you are satisfied with the program and wish to continue after 
the first month, that's when you would have to pay $90 (50ukp) 
for the next months information package.

If you want more information and to make success your own, 
reply to mailto:Breen5 at and insert "SHOWME" in the 
subject box, putting your full name and e-mail address in the 
message body. Hope to hear from you soon!

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