ADVICE NEEDED - TEM and myelin preservation for ICC

Janice Connolly j.connolly at
Tue Mar 31 05:47:47 EST 1998

Have you tried adding a little (1-2mls per 100) magnesium chloride (1M) to your
Which fixative are you using, 4% PFA with 0.25% glut is quite good for immuno-EM

Janice Connolly

Brian S. Thoma wrote:

> All,
> I've been trying to find the "best" formula for the preservation of CNS
> myelin for detection of myelin-associated proteins by immunocytochemistry. I
> have both epoxy (EPON) and acrylic (LR GOLD) resins available for use.
> If anyone is willing to share their experience I would greatly appreciate it.
> Please respond by e-mail as well as by posting to the newsgroups.
> Thanks,
> Brian Thoma
> bthoma at

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