Magnetic beads for macrophage isolation

Doris Anne Morgan dormor at
Tue May 26 21:27:36 EST 1998
This system uses submicroscopic Fe-containing beads that are conjugated
with the primary antibody and are retained on a column while in a
magnetic field. Labeled cells are recovered from column after removal of
column from magnet. I use the system for obtaining CD34+ cells from
umbilical cord blood. Purity is >95%,but requires two sequential

G.M.Fretwell at wrote:

> Hello,
> I am interested in using magnetic beads, either with or without
> antibodies, to obtain a very pure macrophage/monocyte solution from
> human blood?
> I would appreciate any information on products from companies or
> protocols which you have successfully used.
> Thanks
> jmerice at

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