Solution for Enzime question.

Segundo José Martínez Guzmán segundojm at
Sun Nov 8 18:03:25 EST 1998

What's the difference between 'aloenzime' and 'isoenzime'?

I will try to answer your question.
"Iso" means equal. Isoenzimes are enzimes with the same biochemical
>function, but different structural composition. For example, Hexoquinase
>takes Glucose and makes Glucose 6 phosphate in any tissue (in Glucolysis
>process), but Glucoquinase makes the same reaction but only in the liver
>cells. Hexoquinase is inhibited by Glucose 6 phosphate, but Glucoquinase is
>inhibited by Fructose 6 phosphate.
>    "Alo" means different and I hope you wait for my response about it
>because I don't really sure what are you talking about. I think you are
>talking about "Alosteric enzimes". I can write you about it if you want.
>    That's what I think these terms are, but I like newsgroups membres
>confirm. Thank you very much.

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