Wedgits Building Blocks for Kids!

Tue Nov 10 07:15:57 EST 1998

When it comes to shopping for kids’ toys, most people don’t know where to
start.  Sure, there’s plenty of selection out there, but you don’t want to get
something that the child will be bored with after an hour.  And, of course,
you want the child to get something positive out of playing with the toy you

Skytop Sales is always on the lookout for unique gifts for kids and our staff has
discovered a well-regarded, fun learning toy that you’ll be delighted to give
and a child will love to receive... 
WEDGITS - Colorful, Fun 3D Building Blocks!  Wedgits 3D building blocks easily
WEDGE together to make HUNDREDS OF DESIGNS.  Set loose the imagination of your
child with Wedgits.
For more information and to see some Wedgits creations, click on the
highlighted URL below:

We at Skytop Sales are very excited about this offer, because it gives parents a
new alternative to buying the same old toys.  WEDGITS are lots of fun, but
they also help kids LEARN through pattern memorization, geometric construction
and manipulation.  

*  Parenting Magazine's "Toy of the Year" award 
*  Family Life Magazine's "Best Learning Toys" award 
*  Parent's Guide "Children's Media" award 
*  Duracell's "Kid's Choice National Toy Survey Finalist" award

Wedgits provide hours of creative and entertaining fun for the entire family.
Bring the family together for an evening of creative building.   Two heads are
better than one, and with Wedgits, four (or more) hands are better than two!
Single sets come with 15 pieces, and Duo sets come with 30.  Get a pile for
the whole family and let your imaginations run wild! 
You'll be hard-pressed to find this unique toy in stores, but as a Skytop Sales
member, you get easy access to the fun.  Supplies are limited, so please order
now, before all of our sets are gone!  With Christmas on the way, we don’t
expect our supply to last long.  

Each single Wedgits set comes with 15 pieces and and each Duo set includes 30.
The more pieces you have the more creations you can make!  Single sets of
WEDGITS are just $16.95 each, plus shipping and handling.  Duo sets are just
$29.95. For more pricing and ordering information, please visit the
Skytop Sales site by clicking on the highlighted URL below... 

WEDGITS -- The only limitation is the reach of your imagination.

Wedgits make the perfect gift for children of all ages.  We think that you and
the children in your life will enjoy this very special offer from Skytop Sales.


Your Friends at Skytop Sales

p.s.  If you’re still not sure about Wedgits, please visit the website and
have a look -- you’ll find lots of photos of fun, colorful creations made with
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