Involvement of axonon-1(TAG-1) & Nr-CAQuestions on axonin-1(TAG-1) and Nr-CAM

George Q Wang gqwst+ at
Thu Nov 12 16:29:37 EST 1998

Dear All,

I have a question regarding the involvement of axonin-1(TAG-1) and Nr-CAM
in the ability of commissurral axons to cross the floor plate.  As I know,
axonin-1/TAG-1 are located on the axons before they cross the floor plate
and Ng-CAM/L1 is located primarily on the axon after crossing the floor
plate.  Can someone tell me what are the possible mechamisms?  What kind
of bench works I need to do to test these mechanisms?  Also, since
axonin-1/TAG-1 are lipid linked CAMs without cytoplasmic regions, what
kind of signaling pathways are used to modulate axonal responses to
Nr-CAM?  Thanks!



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