Nernst equation problems/information anyone??

Kurosh K kkeikhan at
Fri Nov 13 20:13:18 EST 1998

Hi folks,
	I am looking for some information/problems (i'd appreciate
problems with answers) regarding nernst equation. Unfortunately my book
only talks about it in brief and has a few general (and seemingly easy
questions) about it. If anyone out there can point me in the direction of
more indept twisted and abstract questions (i,e not the basic problems)
involving the nernst equation, i would truely appreciate it. I am
currently taking cell bio class at my university and i have a feeling that
my professor expects us to be able to think a little more than the basic
stuff that our book explains.
	Here is how our book gives the equation as:

V=RT/zF lnC1/C2.. where V=nernst potential, C1=concentration on the
"outside" and C2= concentration on the "inside".

thank you


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