Stupid commentary in DISCOVER about jargon in journals

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Wed Nov 18 07:42:10 EST 1998

rem at (Robert Maas) wrote:

>From DISCOVER (the world of science), 1997.May, COMMENTARY starting on
>page 44 (that author tried to claim jargon in SCIENCE is too difficult
>for scientists in other fields to understand), 

Dear Robert,

although I haven't read the original commentary, and as such cannot
judge it's content, I do know that it has become a quite common (and
lamentable) practice to use abbreviations in our publications which
are not contained in the corresponding abbreviation list. This makes
it unnecessarily difficult for colleagues in other fields as they
then, in order to  understand the article, must look up the
appropriate abbreviations. 

Believe me, this can take time... (the voice of experience ;-))


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