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   I develop software for an ATM switch so my comments may be
   not be suitable here, but I felt a need to reply. Secondly
   the following statement is my own personal view point and not
   that of my employer. It's slightly off topic, sorry!

   I have to disagree with some points at the end 
   made on the cloning issue, forgive me if I've missed
   the mark!:


 The concerns over the use of animal/human tissue are merely
amplifications of problems inherent to human culture. It's true that
the physical distinction of a 'true' human cell and a 'composed' cell
gives a voice to animosity; This is merely a symptom of hierarchy and
social grouping that unforutanately exists in every culture. 

The true question therefore is: 

Should we pursue something that exposes our human weaknesses? 
I think we should in this case, as the benefits of organ transplant 
that does not involve the death of a sentient being is one good thing. 
The exposure to questions on our own definition of a 'valid' physical
( No organ transplants, must be human etc. ) are I think an
insult to those people who already have engineered components
e.g. heart valves, pacemaker etc.

These additions/replacements are not experienced in normal human
growth, but they facilitate ( augment ) a being to a more productive
and tolerable existance... I welcome the use of cultured organs as
means of transplantation as it does not cause harm to a creature which 
already has cognitive existance. I know this is tiresome debate but I 
think in this instance it's more clear that the technology is a
beneficial and morally acceptable form of life preservation. Certainly
more so than organs
grown in animals...

Personally if you fella's could engineer an optic nerve out of a cell in
Rat's Anus I could have sight back in my right eye. Origin and makeup

We must stand togethor discuss with objective opinion all
options and embrace technologies that supress suffering...


Trevor Nunes

> Your recent article on the use of non-human embryos for cloning points
> out a major misunderstanding in the true nature of being a biological
> human.
> The assumption is that nucleus DNA is the only DNA in a human cell.
> There are other components that are as important and are only inherited
> from the mother's embryo, namely mitochondria DNA which is outside the
> nucleus that carries out an important part in the chemical-energy
> processes of every cell within us.
> Also there has been recent discoveries that indicated that a human cell
> has an unusual coating that seems to
> be critical to neurons and may be the cause of our distinct higher
> intelligence.
> The Jewish religion believes that some bloodlines only pass through the
> mother?s side.
> Mitochondria DNA and other non-nucleus components are only inherited
> from the mother embryo.
> Therefore, a cloned human utilizing a non-human embryo will never be
> 100% human!
> If we utilize a cow's embryo or an ostrich egg to mass-produce humans,
> we will
> again re-create the horrors of our past enslavement of our fellow man.
> By pursuing this course of capitalistic manipulation of our very being,
> we are dis-inheriting our right to live.
> We must stand together and boycott all firm and governments condoning
> such practices.
> -vic

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