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> Hello Netters !!
> I was wondering if anyone out there can help with a method.
> I know vaguely about a method where we can plate human cells
> onto an agar plate and see if they grow into colonies or not, and
> these correspond in turn to the viability of the cells from the total
> number of cells plated.
> What I don't know is, how to prepare these agar plates, its
> composition, etc etc..... If anyone can give me how exactly to go
> about doing this method, I shall be very thankful. OR if they can
> give me the journal details from where I can get this method it
> will much more helpful.
> Thanking all those who can help, in advance.
> Gautam.

Have a look on Medline for "soft agar" and "cloning"
as I remember there being a few reviews on the
eg. Rizzino (1987) Method in Enzymology, 146, 341-352

Alternatively, have a look at some texts on monoclonal
antibody methods as this is one of the ways for clonally
selecting hybridomas.

     I've never done this myself but I've been there
while a coworker was carrying out this technique
and I'd strongly suggest that you find someone locally
who is doing this and observe them as there are
a lot of little tricks that seem to make all the
     Good luck (you'll need it!),
Bernard P. Murray, PhD
Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

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