Monoclonal vs Polyclonal Ab

Nanci E Donacki nanci_e_d at
Fri Nov 27 06:55:59 EST 1998

No it is not true that only mice make monoclonal antibodies.  These are
produced by fusing spleen or lymph node cells with a myeloma cell line.  The
monoclonal is obtained through a process of cloning these fused cells to
select the one cell that is making the antibody.  Monoclonals can be
generated from other species such as rat, hamster, rabbit and human.  There
are even references for bovine monoclonals.

Polyclonal antibodies are obtained from the serum of animals that are
immunized.  The serum of an immune mouse is also polyclonal.

Nanci E Donacki
Ken Hoekstra wrote in message <73kqtk$l87$1 at>...
>Could someone briefly explain the difference b/w mono and polyclonal Ab?
>Is it true that mice can only produce monoclonal Ab? or do monoclonal Ab
>exist for other animals?

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