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Earn up to $1500 per Week Working from Home!

Help Solve Your Money Problems! 

  Right now you could be making easy money while working from 
the comfort of your own home. If you can fold and insert a 
circular into an envelope, seal the envelope and mail it - 
you can become an active participant in our successful 
circular-mailing program. Many circular mailers are making 
$1,500 or more weekly working under the expert guidance of 
our company. Circular mailing is easy and pleasant work that 
is very profitable! 

  Just imagine - no more worries about inflation, recession, 
bills, and other costs. If you are looking for an easy income 
to relieve your financial pressures, you owe it to yourself 
to look into our offer. 

No Experience or Special Skills Required 

  Our system of circular mailing is very easy to operate! Our 
circulars are the sales letters that you will send out in 
response to customer inquiries. All you will be doing is 
taking the standard, letter-sized (8 1/2 x 11) circulars that 
we provide you with and fold them to fit into the envelopes 
you will receive. After you have folded and inserted the 
circulars into the envelopes, you just have to lick and seal 
the envelopes and drop them in the mail. You’ll never have to 
pay for postage or envelopes to mail the circulars. 

  You do not need to have any related experience or special 
skills. Our circular-mailing program is designed especially 
for people with little or no business experience. We want you 
to work and to be happy and remain active with this terrific 
program for many years. We will show you, in simple language 
how to start making money and continue day after day - week 
after week - year after year! 

  You may work in the comfort of your own home, choose your 
own hours and set your own pace. There is no need to leave 
your present job. The amount of money you earn is up to you. 
There are no quotas set on the amount of envelopes you can 
stuff. You can stuff and mail as many circulars as you are 
able to - taking on whatever amount of business that fits 
your schedule. Furthermore, you may quit the program at any 
time, and start again when you desire. There are no 
obligations whatsoever! 

Earn Great Money From Home! 

  The reason you will receive the high amount of $1.00 per 
envelope is to more than cover your small expenses involved 
in receiving the envelopes, and to also leave you a large 
profit! We want to be sure that you make excellent money so 
that you can enjoy your work and stick with it for many years 
to come. Since you will be helping us by taking part in this 
program, we are only glad to show you an excellent way to 
make great money from the comfort of your home. 
All business can be done by mail, and we will provide you 
with all the necessary information to get you started and 
ensure your success. You can start the same day you receive 
our instructions and circulars, and begin receiving money 
within two weeks - and every week from then on for as long as 
you desire! 

  Since you will be an independent commission mailer - and 
not an employee, you will not be obligated to our company in 
any way! There are no contracts to sign and you will not be 
asked for job references, employment history or experience. 
This is an equal opportunity offer - no one will be 
discriminated against or refused the opportunity to mail our 

Get Started Immediately 

  In order to get you started immediately, we must require a 
one-time fee of only $20.00. This covers our expense in 
showing you what to do, and guarantees your participation for 
as long as you desire. You will not be required or asked to 
pay for any other materials or manuals - there is nothing 
else to buy from us ever. And don’t forget - you will have 
completely recovered the cost of your program registration 
fee after you stuff and mail your first 20 circulars - the 
rest is all money in your pocket! 
Yes! I would like to earn up to $1,500 per week mailing from 
On that basis, here is my cheque for $22.00 Canadian. ($20.00 
+ $2.00 S&H) 
Make Cheque for $22.00 payable to: 
378 55A Street, Delta B.C., V4M-3L8, Canada 
City____________ Prov______ Code__________ 
Signature________________ Date____________ 
This package will arrive in about 1-3 weeks 
This offer is available around the world!. 
Cheques only. No cash or credit card numbers.

For USA orders, send: $20.00 US
For International orders, send: $28.50 Canadian.

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