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Mon Nov 30 11:41:38 EST 1998

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Dear World Friend:

Would you like to quickly make extra money every month, year after year, and all of it be tax free? 
I knew you would.  Now you can with the help of our World-Wide private network of friends 
helping friends. I would like to invite you to join a very special group of people and make the kind of 
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We have a private program based in the USA that extends around the entire world.  Most of us 
are middle-aged or older, conservative and family oriented. We all made the commitment to do 
whatever we have to do -- as long as it is ethical, honest and legal -- to make tremendous income 
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We have all "been there and done that" very much like you.  

We can all make money quietly and privately in comfort. You will not get rich overnight. if you 
want to get rich quick, this is not for you. By keeping it among private members, we can all profit 
handsomely in the coming months and years without drawing unnecessary attention to ourselves or 
our confidential strategies. I will show you how we use our unique, controlled, and honest program 
to put you in whatever income bracket you choose.

All I want you to do is send $3.00 (to cover printing and postage) and I will send you all of our 
detailed information on how the club works and how everyone helps everyone. There is a one-time 
$10.00 set-up fee to become a member. Do not send the $10.00 now.  If you like what you see 
after you review the information, then you can send in your $10.00 membership fee. We know you 
will like what you see.

Our program will not interfere with any other programs in which you are participating. I will show 
you just how easy and powerful this program really is. Your tax-free cash gifts will come to you in 
increments of $10.00, not one or two dollars like some of the other programs out there. The money 
you can make is extraordinary, and we do most of the work.  Our powerful Pentium servers and 
software keep track of everything for you..

You owe it to yourself to take a look and then decide if you would like to receive the kind of money 
that most people can only dream about. You will spend more than $3.00 on snacks today. Your 
future is worth more than a snack

No one will call you. No one will come see you. There is no pressure. You do not have to talk to 
anyone. You decide if you want to be part of our private network on your own after you review the 
information package. This is a private club with the privacy of each and every member protected.  
Quiet, confidential and comfortable.

      Mail this ENTIRE LETTER along with $3.00 inside US - $4.00 outside US (cash only USD)
                             for printing and postage to:
               UWF-Info - PO Box 802 -  CLEMMONS, NC  - 27012-0802 - USA



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