Cell growth in 96-well plates

Sebastian Barthel i5seba at rz.uni-jena.de
Thu Oct 1 10:45:32 EST 1998

In article <3612DEF8.488CCC6F at concentric.net>, dmorgan <dormor3 at concentric.net> writes:
|> Most likely you have also noticed a more rapid evaporation in the outer wells
|> also. There really is not much you can do to ensure all wells support growth at
|> same rate. I would suggest, though, using only the inside wells and filling the
|> outside rows with sterile water to minimize evaporation. May sound somewhat
|> wasteful of these wells, but there it is.
|> S. McKay wrote:
|> > Hi!  I've been performing cell proliferation assays on JEG cells in 96-well
|> > plates.  Have noticed that the rate of cell growth in the outer rows of
|> > cells is considerable less that their replicas further towards the centre
|> > of the plate.  Was wondering if anyone else had observed this problem and
|> > how they resolve it.
|> >
|> > Thanks,
|> >
|> > Sarah-Jane McKay

To minimize evaporation you also can pack the wellplate into a PE cling film (as used in household) wich is
permeable to air but water (and fat) resistant. With this variant its possible to fill the outside rows with
suspension of cells instead of sterile water. Thats why the "microclimate" is nearly the same at every well.
It works like inverse GORE TEX  ;)

Sebastian Barthel

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