Dagmar Mueller daggi at
Thu Oct 1 03:27:49 EST 1998

vv wrote:

>  Hi there:
>     I am just starting to work with alignment programs and I amn having
> some problems. I am using Macaw program ( becouse of it´s freeware) in
> order to align some sequences. But even if I have no problem taking the
> sequences in the program ( creating Fasta files manually) I am uncapable
> to get any homology block-s in my sequences ( even if I tried with the
> same sequence with some changes). Any ideas??? Any other easy
> program????
>     I would thank any suggestion.
>                 Thanks in advance,
>                             Oskar

Hi Oskar!
Although I´m not quite experienced in aligning, it´s sure that there must be
something wrong if you even don`t get your original sequence. Perhaps you
try to use smaller parts of your sequence.
Unfortunately, I don`t know this Macaw Program, but perhaps there`s any
possibility for you to work with the Wisconsin Package (GCG, Genetics
Computer Group Inc., Madison, Wisconsi, USA). That will surely do!

Bye, D. Mueller
Insitute of Molecular genetics

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