Separation of HUVEC using a non-enzymatic method?

Tom Vink t.vink at
Fri Oct 9 10:49:20 EST 1998

On Thu, 8 Oct 1998 23:30:05 +0200, "Henrik B"
<crash at> wrote:

>We intend to do some flow cytometry on HUVEC. The problem is that we want to
>keep the surface protein antigens intact. Thus, we don´t want to use
>trypsin. Instead we have tried only with EDTA and mechanical processing. It
>didn´t work out very well. It this the only way?
>Does anyone have a better strategy for this problem?
>Best regards
>Henrik Blomqvist
>Clinical Research Center
>Dept. of Internal Medicine
>Linköping University Hospital

I remeber some experiments with huvecs in which I used RGD peptides
and my cells came loose. This may be a bit expensive for routine FACS
analysis but is certainly very mild on the cells.

Greetings Tom

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