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Thu Oct 15 18:21:47 EST 1998


How often do you submit your site to the search engines and other 
directories? Everyday! I sure hope you are, because it takes a lot 
of submitting to get traffic to your site!

How about placing your ads on the various free classifieds sites around 
the Internet. They say, to be successful you must submit to 5 sites 
minimum everyday! Every Week..Every Month...

Does this get annoying and take up your time?

You probably spend at least 2 hours a day submitting site/ad on the NET.

How would you like to have a service submit your site to over 750+ sites 
in 15 minutes automatically? All the major search engines and high traffic 
directories included. Better yet, how would you like an ad submission service 
post your ad to over 300 online classifieds? Save yourself 20 hours a week or 
more and get more submissions that you could ever do by placing your ad or 
site one at a time...

Hey, I forgot to tell you!
You can also earn up to 20% on commissions for 
referrals up to six levels!

If you need more traffic or people emailing you for "More Info" this 
is the submission service for you. Not only do we place your site, 
but we also can place your ad for you automatically every month!

If you need to know more, please reply with "MORE INFO on Ad Service".
If this was received by mistake, simply delete or reply with "REMOVE in 
the subject.

Do yourself a favor and at least look at the free info from me. It 
can't hurt to look. It will be worthwhile.

Good Luck,

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