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If you've been searching for a high-resolution, feature-laden digital
camera that produces images with INCREDIBLE levels of detail and color 
depth, and which has a price tag that won't break the bank, well,
you've probably wondered if such an unlikely animal exists...

It does. And Skytop Sales has it.

ANNOUNCING the SVmini-209 from Sound Vision -- a digital camera that
utilizes the latest technology to deliver ultrahigh-quality images
(2000x1600 pixels!) at an affordable price.

Never heard of Sound Vision? You probably know their products.

Sound Vision is a camera MANUFACTURER. Their customers, in most cases,
are large companies who BRAND the cameras Sound Vision makes and
resell them as their own. One such company, for example, is selling
a Sound Vision camera under its own very well-known label; that camera
retails for $479. (Or more. The middlemen have to make their dough, of

That SAME camera under the original MANUFACTURER'S label is called the
Sound Vision SVmini-209. Through Skytop Sales, it's ONLY $349.

By sacrificing the big label and eliminating the middlemen, you save
eighty bucks on the IDENTICAL unit. And to sweeten the deal even
further, we'll include $125 worth of memory enhancements at NO

To have a look at the SVmini-209, please visit our Web site by
following the link below. (And bear in mind that you've probably
ALREADY seen this camera, if you've been doing any comparison
shopping. It just had a different name, and cost more.)

Sound Vision uses new CMOS sensor technology at the heart of its
SVmini-209 to deliver greatly increased resolution at a lower cost. In
fact, Sound Vision's cameras were the first on the market to use CMOS
sensors instead of the traditional CCD sensors used in other digital
cameras. The benefits of CMOS technology:  
- Higher resolution -- the SVmini-209 captures HUGE 3.2 megapixel
images (that's 2000x1600 pixels!)
- Lower cost than CCDs -- get more camera for the dollar
- Lower power draw -- dramatically increased battery life

KNOCK-OUT IMAGES AND ACCOMPANYING SOUND can be stored either in camera
internal memory or on removable flash memory cards, both linear and
SanDisk. Level-selectable JPEG compression allows you to find the
right balance of image quality and memory economy. (The module which
allows the SVmini-209 to use SanDisk cards, called the MiniDisk
option, normally is a separate purchase. Like we said: We're throwing
it in for FREE. That, and a FREE 2 MB SanDisk card -- a combined value
of $125!)

Taking great photos with the SVmini-209 is effortless. In addition to
the red, green, and blue color receptors common to other digital
cameras, the SVmini-209 features a fourth receptor for teal, which
dramatically increases possible color depth (and, in fact, more
closely mimics the capabilities of the human retina). A sophisticated
auto-exposure algorithm prevents the over-saturation of highlights
while still preserving shadow detail. An automatic electronic flash
guarantees that your shots will be lit to perfection, every time.

BYTE Magazine reviewed the SVmini-209 in its November '97 issue, and
gave the camera the highest rating, FIVE STARS. BYTE says, "
delivers ultra-high quality digital images at a relatively bargain
price." (The bargain price they're talking about is $479. We're
offering $100+ savings over the BARGAIN price.)

To learn more about this outstanding camera, and for a comprehensive
discussion of its features, (and to order!) follow the link below:

Prices for digital cameras span the spectrum. Compare its features and
benefits with other cameras, and you'll find that the SVmini-209 is
way more camera for way less cost. Compare its features and benefits
with the SAME camera under a popular brand name, and you'll find that
the SVmini-209 is the IDENTICAL camera for WAAAY less cost. 

Thanks for your time!

Your friends at Skytop Sales

p.s. Digital images have so many fantastic applications: Spice up a
business proposal or presentation, design a dazzling Web site, email
photos to friends and family all over the world, create your own photo
art using one of the popular graphics programs on the market. The
possibilities are endless... and with the ultrahigh-quality images of
the SVmini-209 in hand, you're limited only by your imagination.

p.p.s. Our agreement with SoundVision allows us to sell the SVmini-209
for $349 for a limited time only. Please act quickly.


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