'Easily' transfectable cell line?

Bert Overduin bboverduin at ucdavis.edu
Tue Oct 27 14:31:14 EST 1998


I am already for a long time time trying to transiently transfect by
electroporation mouse T-cell 
hybridoma suspension cells with a plasmid about 8 kb in size, without a lot
of success; results 
vary a lot,  most of the time I don't get more than a few percent of
transfected cells. 
As I am not necessarily bound to this specific cell line I was wondering if
there exist any 
mammalian suspension cell lines which have a reputation of being easily
(preferably by electroporation) and which will give a high  percentage
(preferably 10 to 50% 
or even higher if possible) of transfected cells. Any help is highly

Bert Overduin 
bboverduin at ucdavis.edu 

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