questions about fixing cells (c2c12)

Sylvain Foisy foisys at
Fri Oct 30 17:26:53 EST 1998

In article <71biv7$mm4$1 at>, qfdong at (Qunfeng
Dong) wrote:

>For some reasons, I have to fix my cells (c2c12, one of seletal muscle cell
>lines) by using paraformaldehyde (I can't use methanol fixation). People
>usually use 2% - 4% paraformaldehyde for about 10-30 mins at RT. My question
>is that how the concentration of paraformaldehyde and how the time will
>affect the fixation? After treating with paraformaldehyde, I want to use
>0.5% Triton X-100 (some people use 0.2%) to permeate cell membrane. So 
>my next question is that which concentration is better and how long should I
>treat cells with Triton X-100? 1 min, 5 mins or 10 mins.
>Please send me a personal email. I'd greatly appreciate your help.

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