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Current Research into Telomeres

ufotruth at ix.netcom.com ufotruth at ix.netcom.com
Tue Sep 1 16:50:58 EST 1998

On Tue, 01 Sep 1998 13:35:15 GMT, "Mariusz" <mruczus at kki.net.pl>

>I agree that governments may be blocking the development of the genetic
>research and the reason is simple - to prevent overpopulation. On the

You are correct. The United States government and other governments
may be blocking genetic research to prevent over population but in my
opinion they probably have many other, obviously non-valid, reasons as

Actually, increasing the healthy human life span would be good in a
way, not just because people would be able to stay happy, healthy, and
young much forever but because there would not have to be half the
U.S. population in nursing homes in the next 30 years.

>other hand it seems rather impossible to block the research in the
>whole world. Another thing is whether or not extraterrestrial beings

You are correct. The research will probably be done one way or another
in one country or another. But what I am concerned about is how much
of the research will actually reach the PUBLIC and not be suppressed.

The only technology that will BENEFIT us is the technology that is
made PUBLIC for use by the PRIVATE sector and INDIVIDUALS like you and

>have given us information in detail on genetic codes and techniques
>stopping ageing. Maybe they have but the truth will be difficult to

It is very possible that our government has aquired information, about
aging and other dieseases, from extraterrestrials. Any
extraterrestrial civilization that has advanced enough to travel from
solar system to solar system, which would require a FTL propulsion
system, must be advanced enough to solve the aging problem.

(If extraterrestrials even age at all.)

>detect, or maybe they have not as perhaps they do not much care about
>our civilisation, mainly doing their own research in the Earth.

Some of the extraterrestrial civilizations might care about us and
others may not care at all. Probably, like you say, they are all more
interested in their own research than helping us, the poor pathetic

But we can always hope that they realize that we are now primitive,
just like they were at one time, and that it would be really nice if
they could help us a little. 

Best Regards,


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