Current Research Into Telomeres III

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>To be precise, are you saying that Rita Effros has found that the
>*majority* of memory T-cells are now longer able to divide and produce
>more such T-cells? Do you have a reference for this? 

It would be pretty neat to read a reference for this.

>Or since now you say "are approaching senescence" do you mean that she
>found that the T-cells had reduced replicative ability in older people?
>(which would not necessarily be related to any telomere shortening).

Well, they might not be related to any telomere shortening. That is
very possible. There could be many things that cause this. But from
what I have read it is at least "possible" that shortened telomeres,
even not short enough to cause a cell to go into senecence, could
cause a cell not to function as well as a cell with very long

>Do they mean different "rate" or after a different number of divisions?

Very good question! :-)
>Certainly, because division "rate" is highly different in different
>dividing systems and under different life, and health (sometimes
>disease) conditions.

Interesting. Then perhaps by only restoring the telomeres in the cells
that have had to divide many more times, because of somekind of stress
or diesease, it could be beneficial to an entire organism.

>But it doesn't say anthing about whether these diseases are related to
>normal aging.

Well, what is aging? In my opinion it seems to me that aging is just
an accumilation of "diseases" in many different tissues. Whether they
are from mitochondrial decline, telomere shortening, free radical
damage, or anything else. So, if aging is caused by several different
"diseases" then perhaps by eliminating all of the "diseases" we will
eliminate aging.

By stopping the worst of these diseases perhaps it would help an
organism to live longer and healthier.

>Sorry, to be always playing the "skeptic", Tom.
>I found your post to be most interesting, as usual.

I don't consider you to be a "skeptic" at all. You are just a very
intelligent person that seeks and craves (very wisely in my opinion)
hard information and data about possible therapy's to reverse the
aging process. 

A true "skeptic" would not be open minded and interested in the
information like you are.

Take care and have a great day everyone.

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