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AUDIOBOOK -- How Stella Got Her Groove Back, by Terry McMillan
This unabridged Penguin Audiobook has recently been made into a movie and is
playing across the nation to rave reviews.  Stella has it all, except a man,
something she's convinced she's got no use for anyway.  A vacation to Jamaica
and a sexy man half her age give her second thoughts.  This smart, funny novel
from the author of Waiting to Exhale will have you laughing out loud.

MUSIC -- The Swingsters, "Clear the Road"
The Swingsters mixes music from New Orleans and the Caribbean with charm
and warmth of the same kind as is brought to the cold North by the Gulf
Stream. Formed in Sweden in 1995 from their predecessors Sumpens
Swingsters, this seven-piece band continues to explore the roots of
jazz, rhythm n' blues, and Caribbean music.

The indispensable resource for business travellers, pleasure travellers and
armchair travellers alike.  Check out these audio programs:
-  "The Traveler's Journal":  Get travel advice and first-hand timely reports
on interests and destinations from around the world.
-  "Travel View":  Sit back and enjoy rich, detailed narratives on everywhere
you'd like to be, from Acapulco to Zambia.
-  "Travel Minute":  These highly informative two-minute daily reports give
you the most recent travel information and news, from travel industry experts.

MUSIC -- Unsigned Bands
Our listings of unsigned bands is growing and we've expanded to over 12 new
titles.  Listen to the hottest new bands online or download the music FREE.
They're all on Audio Highway, waiting to be discovered by YOU!


MUSIC Categories: Classical, Electronica, Jazz Knitting Factory Works, 
Latin, Salsa, New Age, Popular, Reggae, Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, 
Unsigned Bands, World Rhythms

Now Featuring:
The Complete Piano Works of Frederic Chopin
Garrick Ohlsson ranks among the world's foremost pianists and is recognized as
one of today's finest interpreters of Frederic Chopin's music. On this
Arabesque recording, Ohlsson with Conductor Kazimierz Kord and the Warsaw
Orchestra, present all of Chopin's concerted works.

AUDIOBOOK Categories:  Fiction, Non-Fiction, Kids Corner

Now Featuring:
The Deep End of the Ocean
"Where's Ben?" It is the moment every mother 
dreads. The disappearance of her three-year-old son threatens to drive a wedge
between Beth Cappadora and her husband, Pat. Her older son, Vincent,
transforms into a troubled delinquent, trying to break through their grief-
stricken silence. This is truly an unforgettable story that will stun you with
its pain and surprise you with its hope.

SPORTS Categories: Sports Stories and Books, Sports Reference, Sports News 
and Scores

Now Featuring:
Super Bowl Chronicles by Jerry Green
Detroit News columnist Jerry Green provides a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse
of the players, parties, locker rooms and press conferences. It's packed with
pro football history, Super Bowl highlights and anecdotes about such legends
as Joe Namath, Vince Lombardi, Terry Bradshaw, Pete Rozelle and Joe Montana.

ENTERTAINMENT Categories: Old Time Radio, Cyber Sleuths, Dr. Science, Prime 
Time TV Update, News and Reviews, Soap Opera Update, Horoscopes, Dialogue, 
Making Contact, New Dimensions Radio, Professional Education, Soundprint, 

Now Featuring:
Ruby3 "The Underworld" 
Our feisty super-sleuth with an overdose of sass, has been hired to
investigate a distinctly evil force that is seeping through the walls of
Magnifico, the City of Malls. Meanwhile Inanna is on her own trip into the
Underworld to face the Seven Gates, the dark feminine goddess, and quite
possibly her death!

TRAVEL Categories: Travel View, Traveler's Journal, Travel Minute

Now Featuring:
The Travel Minute
A daily, two-minute radio report produced in association with The George
Washington University Tourism and Hospitality Management Program. The series
of reports contain interviews with travel industry spokespersons and educators
on a broad range of travel topics and destinations--both domestic and

TECHNOLOGY Categories: CNET Radio, Technology Update, Technology Books, 
Reference Desk

Now Featuring:
CNET Radio Live
1:00 PM, PST netcast every day! Brian Cooleyand Reporter Rose Aguilar deliver
their live daily show on the latest breaking stories in hi-tech, and cyber

BUSINESS Categories: Executive Viewpoints, Business Books, Business News, 
Business Reference

Now Featuring:
Executive Viewpoints 
Focuses on the viewpoints of executives and how their leadership and vision
effect the way we live in today's world.

NEWS Categories: National Public Radio, Newsweek On Air, Associated Press, 
U.S. National News, Sports News and Scores, Canadian News, Business News

Now Featuring:
Produced by Newsweek and The Associated Press, sponsors Audio Highway's direct
satellite news feeds. Hosts, David Alpern and Warren Levinson deliver top news
stories of the week from around the world.

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