Current Research Into Telomeres III

Tom Matthews tmatth at
Fri Sep 4 04:24:05 EST 1998

Excelife wrote:
> In article <35EF706B.5366 at>, tmatth at says...

> >Also, the article pointed out that the
> >accumulation of senescent memory cell which are also resisted to
> >apoptosis is a major problem since if they would only die off, they
> >could be replaced by new younger ones (generated from stem cells as I
> >understand it). My question to this is why won't either donations of
> >blood or development of a method to process the blood of the aged and
> >remove the senescent cells help to solve this problem?
> Excellent questions!  But aren't you being a bit presumptuous:-) Imagine
> moving from theory through basic research to designing specific therapies!
> Just what's come over you Tom?  Are you trying to live forever;-).

YES!! Whenever I read anything related to health or aging, I always
approach it from the personal viewpoint of how can I use this knowledge
to help me live longer (and all my friends and loved-ones too, of

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