Hot Wet Nasty Phone Sex

HotPhoneLove at HotPhoneLove at
Tue Sep 8 17:25:16 EST 1998

Do you like phone sex?  Of course, don't we all? Well, do I have a great service for you, where a live girl is always waiting to fulfill your every sexual desire.  You pay no outrageous premium charges. All you pay is the regular international long distance low as 48 cents per minute.  So, why not call now? All my girls are hot and waiting to get you off. Just dial <b><i> 1-664-410-4979.</b></i> Stop sitting in online chat rooms waiting for someone to talk dirty to you and call us now. Again..the number is <b> 1-664-410-4979.</b> If busy try <b> 1-664-410-3549 or 1-784-490-3388 </b>

Gay? Bi? Curious?...try this number..1-664-410-1208

You must 18 or older to use this service.

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