"What is in it for me?"

Wed Sep 9 03:54:39 EST 1998

Here's what's in it for you...


"How To Make Prospects Stand In Line And Beg
   You To Sponsor Them Into Your Network!"


Amazing website reveals (for real) little known and jealously
guarded "Insider" MLM sponsoring techniques and tactics
guaranteed to flood your network (no matter which company
you're in) with tons of people and supercharge your
bonus check!

Dear Network Marketer,

You can cash any size check you want, in any MLM company you
choose, if you know how to...

1.  Get prospects so excited they slobber all over themselves 
       begging you to sponsor them; and

2.  "Duplicate yourself" into your downline so THEY sponsor THEIR
       prospects with the same power and effectiveness.

We'd like to introduce you to the ultimate online MLM resource
(http://www.mlmsuccesstips.com) that will do BOTH of those things
for you... ABSOLUTELY FREE!  No strings attached.  Really.

But don't just take my word for it.  Make me PROVE it.  Explore
our site, and you'll discover...

* The raw, uncensored details of jealously guarded sponsoring
  techniques to attract prospects to you, like steel to a magnet.

* How to give your prospect a headache, then make 'em ASK YOU for 
  the aspirin.

* A sneaky (but deceptively simple) trick anyone can use to
  make your prospect feel lucky they were selected to see
  your opportunity.

* How to recognize and avoid the seductive pitfall that will KILL 
  your MLM career dead in its tracks.

* A little "twist" and my Internet marketing "secret weapon" that 
  can make your online efforts 837% more effective. This info
  alone will give you an "unfair" competitive advantage.  No

* The most critical condition to success, and how, if you fail
  this test your network will eventually crash and burn no matter
  what else you do.
* The ultimate - yet almost always overlooked - posture building
  tool known to the free world!

* How to cultivate the iron-will and mental toughness needed to
  overcome any hurdle between you and MLM riches.

* The exact words you should use to set appointments that drive
  prospects crazy with curiosity. When you're done with them,
  they wouldn't dream of breaking an appointment with you!

* How to discover the pain your prospects live in - and turn
  this pain into eager new distributors. This understanding
  alone will make you bullet-proof.

* What the actual life-blood of your business really is. In fact,
  if you ignore this critical aspect, your business will most
  certainly FAIL.

...And so much more! 

Be sure to subscribe to our FREE monthly "MLM Success Tips & 
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Advanced prospecting and sponsoring techniques and tactics... How
to win the psychological war with your prospect... Exactly how to
hone your Posture Power to razor sharpness that will have hoards 
of prospects begging (even pleading) to join your network.  
And so on.

Accessing this powerful resource is quick and easy.  Here's the
link... http://www.mlmsuccesstips.com 

Simply click on the link and you'll instantly access the ultimate
MLM prospecting and sponsoring tool that will have your prospects
standing in line and begging to join your network!  So, take a 
minute right now and check out this amazing site for yourself.
You'll be glad you did.  Guaranteed, your MLM'ing will never be
the same again.

Happy Networking,

Joshua D. Shafran
JEM Direct, Inc.

P.S.  You've got nothing to lose and an exponentially growing
      network to gain.  Learning the jealously guarded sponsoring
      secrets that will make your prospects stand in line and beg
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      MLM business.

Copyright 1998 by Joshua D. Shafran.  All rights reserved.
This document may not be copied in part or full without express
written permission from the publisher.  All violations will be 
prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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