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Mon Sep 14 00:03:42 EST 1998

Dear  Mr/Mrs

I am interested in relationship of dorso-ventral and anterior-posterior axis
and their influence on the restoration and regeneration of limb
proximo-distal axis.  I cut limbs at at different orientations in
anterior-posterior and dorso-ventral planes. I thought that this operation
imposing dorso-ventral and anterior-posterior part of limb at different
proximo-distal positions wold impact it's pattern formation .But I did not
find any alteration of their regrowth from controls.( I have to note that I
could obtained a few number of animals: only 11). Although I found an article
of Lomovskaia in the reference of Bruce Carlson's book "Regeneration"where
she performed a work showing that extraction of different parts of
regenerating limb may affect it's regrowth. Unfortunately situation in my
country does not enables me to find appropriate literature and I can not
obtain this article .I have a great desire to examine weather different
dorsalising molecules can change amphibian limb's dorso-ventral polarities.
But I can not obtain this purified factors.The reason is the financial crisis
in scientific environment in Georgia.I particularly interested in shared
effect of some dorsalising molecules with retinoic acid on regenerating limb
pattern formation. I wonder also if physically suppressed cells convergent
extension in ZPA could affect  it's inducing abilities because of the lack of
necessary conditions to perform experiments I am seeking a place where I
could realize my interests and also raise my qualification. Thank you in

Sincerely Duda Kvitsiani

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