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Antiaging Research Priorities [was Re: Major Criticisms of

Excelife excelife at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 18 18:33:51 EST 1998

In article <3602dcc3.32663567 at nntp.ix.netcom.com>, ufotruth at ix.netcom.com 
>On 18 Sep 1998 20:05:44 GMT, excelife at earthlink.net (Excelife) wrote:
>>James and others feel that we should prioritize and concentrate our efforts 
>>on the latter research areas in the hopes that by increasing life 
>>by 20 or more years we might then be around when the the research into the 
>>genetic control of life span finally achieves results.
>>I think the genetic control of aging and lifespan has already been 
>>and that research efforts to develop therapies based on this discovery 
>>be our number one priority.
>I totally agree with you. In my opinion doing research to discover
>ways to increase life expectancy is all well and good but it is not
>what we should be spending the large majority of money on. It seems to
>me we (as in everyone doing research in aging) should be spending an
>equal ammount of money on finding out the basic mechanisms and causes
>of aging and on ways to just extend the "life expectancy" of
>The problem is that many individuals are now well into the last few
>decades of their life and slowing their rate of aging would be better
>than doing nothing but in the LONG TERM it would help them very little
>because they would eventually grow old and die.
>If we could discover the fundamental causes of aging, and how to
>reverse them, then we could possibly REJUVINATE old individuals into a
>YOUTHFUL state. This would help them a lot more than just slowing down
>their aging process.
>For example, I don't think that Tom Matthews should just have his
>aging process slowed down. I think he deserves to have it totally
>reversed so he can be rejuvinated to whatever biological age he
>chooses and live a healthy life for as long as he wants. 
>Well, take care and have a great day.
>Best Regards,

I second that!  
But I too haven't seen anything from Geron Corp. lately.

Thomas Mahoney, Pres.
Lifeline Laboratories, Inc.

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