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Fri Sep 18 20:57:51 EST 1998

Nelson Navarro wrote:
> David Lloyd-Jones wrote:
> >
> > On calorie restriction:
> >
> > I think it is hilarious, and very American, that one
> > of the Toms (TomLEF?) suggested studying CR so that
> > its essence could be discovered and then perhaps
> > injected into or fed to the population at large. Why
> > not just restrict calories?
> >
> Hilarious?
> That's like saying, let's cut
> auto accident death rates by eliminating
> automobiles; while he's saying, let's find out
> how car crashes kill people and add safety
> devices like seatbelts.

One of the first things you learn in sophistry school is how
to argue by means of analogies. (At least that's what I
learned. :)

Seriously, your analogy is well-taken, but it's too extreme.
A more accurate one would be that it's like saying: Let's
drive more much slowly, accept the frustration of being late
more often, accept the annoyance of being on the road more,
etc., etc.

CR doesn't entail eliminating food, after all, or even
eliminating good-tasting food (if that was the thing to
which cars were being analogized).

But CR is certainly very difficult. Until we do have a good
substitute for CR (or its supersession), I think David
Lloyd-Jones is right to point out that it looks a little
silly to put a lot of energy into finding a way to mimic CR
through drugs. This is why I've been encouraging the Life
Extension Foundation to list CR as an anti-aging therapy on
their anti-aging therapies page, I'm amazed that
they still haven't done so, and moreover, that they don't
even have any links to Web pages with resources for people
interested in practicing CR.

On the other hand, I REALLY don't like driving slowly, so
I'll be one of the first in line when someone comes up with
a pill that mimics CR. (The Life Extension Foundation is
supporting research in this direction, which I applaud.)


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