Antiaging Research Priorities [was Re: Major Criticisms of

James james at
Fri Sep 18 19:39:13 EST 1998

[big snip]

> For you metaphysicians (or  is the word dogmatists?), however, I want to
> scream! Solving the cell thing would only be a solution of cells' life
> problem. The human being is, pace Lynn Margolies, an alliance of many cells,
> and has interests other than those of the individual cells.
> Its longevity depends upon that of the cells, but is not assured by it. Cell
> longevity is necessary but not sufficient for organism longevity.

I don't know what all that other crap I snipped was about, but the part I left
is a great summary of this whole telomerase thing.  May it rest in peace :)


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