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Antiaging Research Priorities [was Re: Major Criticisms of

Brian Manning Delaney bmdelaney at notarealaddr.ess
Sat Sep 19 13:32:38 EST 1998

"Steven B. Harris" wrote:
> In <_ECM1.5962$c3.10789481 at tor-nn1.netcom.ca>
> David Lloyd-Jones <dlj at pobox.com> writes: 
>> On calorie restriction [CR]:
>> I think it is hilarious, and very American, that
>> one of the Toms (TomLEF?) suggested studying CR
>> so that its essence could be discovered and then
>> perhaps injected into or fed to the population
>> at large. Why not just restrict calories?

> A trick question?  Duh, because it causes many
> people to be hungry all the time, which is best
> annoying and at worst is a sort of suffering
> which removes a lot of the joy in life.

Well, it IS hilarious, AND very American, but that of course
doesn't mean it's a bad idea. In fact, it's a great idea.

But I'd expand your Bests and Worsts. At worst it may well
remove ALL the joy in life, given many people's relation to
food. But at best it may not be annoying at all, certainly
not after a period of adjustment. Perhaps the most American
thing of all is not appreciating that conditions of comfort,
or even desires for comfort, are far more flexible than we
normally assume. I think everyone interested in
life-extension should be made aware of CR, and should at
least consider trying it.

Still, if the "CR pill" becomes available, I'll happily go
back to M&Ms. (CR is indeed annoying to me, though it's
certainly worth it, for the moment.)

(David: Tom/LEF is actually Canadian, although he seems
American in many ways.)

Brian Manning Delaney
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