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>On calorie restriction:
>I think it is hilarious, and very American, that one of the Toms
>suggested studying CR so that its essence could be discovered and then
>perhaps injected into or fed to the population at large. Why not just
>restrict calories?

   A trick question?  Duh, because it causes many people to be hungry
all the time, which is best annoying and at worst is a sort of
suffering which removes a lot of the joy in life. 

>On mice:
>The other guy (TomExcelife??) cannot write a parsable sentence, which
>part of his problem. Another part is his notion that ice in the wild
live a
>long time. Fact is they normally get picked off by voles, hawks, dogs
>cats. Microbes. McCormick Harvesters.

  Fact is they live about 6 months on average, due to the above.  Not a
long time.

>This same guy thinks that the French lady who lived to 121++ was in
>in some way.  Does he think she spent her last fifty years without
>antibiotics? Hell, her whole life was post-Pasteur.

  Yep.  On the othe rhand, so is good record keeping on a population
basis.  For example, we don't know for sure the birth year of so recent
a historical figure as Doc Holladay (to treat the first example which
comes to mind).  His only birth record was a victim of one of Sherman's
raids in Georgia.  That's the way the world was, not so long ago.

                                          Steve Harris

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