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>> Let's see, for CR to be beneficial we only have discover the underlying
>> mechanism, find some way to make it work on people already past their >> 
prime,and and find a way to mimic its effects since the diet itself would >> 
have to be close to starvation levels.
>> Boy that sure sounds like low-hanging fruit to me!!!
>> To find out if the Telomeric Theory of aging can actually alter the human
>> life span we have to insert hTRT, the catalytic protein subunit of
>> telomerase, into a few key cellular systems of the body.  Of course we do
>> have to try it on animals first so there is going to be a delay.
>> But since research into CR is so much more advanced and so simple we >> 
should just forget about telomeres.
>you forgot to mention the benefits -
>CR: possibly 50% greater lifespan, including a proportionally longer period 
>of old age, complete with its problems of physical and mental impairment.
>Telomere therapy: significantly longer life with rejuvenation (or at least
>halting of aging) of organs, muscle, skin and bone.
>Sounds like an easy choice to me.
>I am not saying that telomere therapy is guaranteed to eventuate, but we 
>have a well supported hypothesis that is testable in the short term and 
>could prove to be the central mechanism of aging. It would make sense to
>concentrate resources in this area in the short term to at least determine
>whether resetting or preserving telomere length in vivo can extend life or
>immortalise an organism.
>Telomeres are having a tremendous amount of interest focussed on them by the
>research community. This is because they show promise in the diagnosis and
>treatment of both AIDS and cancer. I suspect the work required to test and
>support or disprove the telomere theory of aging will be done in the next 
>few years. If positive results do eventuate you can be sure the research 
>will take off by itself, as drug companies begin to appreciate the profit 
>potential of a drug or therapy that could make the demand for viagra seem 

An excellent and intelligent analysis!

Thomas Mahoney, Pres.
Lifeline Laboratories, Inc.

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