Antiaging Research Priorities [was Re: Major Criticisms of

David Lloyd-Jones dlj at
Sun Sep 20 19:59:23 EST 1998

James wrote in message <36059CCE.A6CCBC8E at>...
>All your points are well taken.  I had thought of some of them
>myself, but not all of them.  I think the big problem is that
>there is no way to place good odds on anything we are
>discussing.  Without being able to assign numbers to anything I
>can't say (or refute) that it would or wouldn't have happened
>with 600,000 people.  I can't even be certain at 5 billion...
>It just seems like an awful lot of people to me.

There are two mutually exclusive definitions of science -- explaining the
unknown in terms of the known, and explaining empirical evidence in terms of
imagined structures -- but this giggly thing, assigning numbers to something
not defined, does not come under the aegis of either.


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