Molecular Weight & Diffusion (quick question)

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Sun Apr 4 17:12:29 EST 1999

This is exactly right that ions do not pass like that but need ion channels.
This can be used as a character of selectively permeable membrane. can it not
be? I think when we talk about selectivity then we have to consider such ion
chanels,pore etc. together and not seperately.
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> Sodium does not pass through easily.  There is not way ions can cross a
> membrane due to the hydrophobic interior of the membrane.  I don't care how
> small they are.  Like disolves like.  The only way that ions can cross are
> through ion channels, pores, gap junctions (anything that forms a hydrophilic
> channel) or carrier proteins (Ex. sodium potassium ATPase or calcium ATPase).
> Question everything!!!!

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