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jonas274885 at jonas274885 at FIU.EDU
Wed Apr 21 03:26:30 EST 1999

Hello Internet Marketer, Are You Interested in Bulk E-Mail?  

Do You:
	Want a contract bulk mailer that delivers?
	Want access to the best e-mail lists available
	on the Internet?
	Full version of the Best Bulk E-Mail software available? 

ARE YOU Tired of losing dial-up accounts?

Forget all the rest. ATOM! is the best! 

Fellow Internet Marketers, We are delighted to announce 
the arrival of ATOM! After months of testing and re-writing 
programming and millions of test emails by professional bulkers 
Atom! is available to serious professional bulkers.

ATOM! features:
 Complete anonymous mailing! The Atom J system 
 completely protects users from the anti speech crowd.

 Totally hides your dial-up!!!

 Direct mail capability plus relay option.

 Deliverability and speed + total control.

 Operational affordability.

 Gets in everywhere! I mean EVERYWHERE!

 Its more than a mailer...its a system.

 ATOM! is a profit weapon for the bulk pro and an unstoppable       advertising machine for the small business owner with the most
 complete user protection system ever made availible to our industry.

 Users are thanking us, we are grateful for their business and 
 proud to stand beside them and fight the good fight.
 For more info about Atom, or our other services, send email to     keywave at and ask for "More info" about the product 
 or service you are  interested in. If you wish to speak to me 
 directly, call 954 630-9656. If I am away from my desk, leave your    phone #. I WILL call back. 

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