Carbohydrate Laboratory Courses

Roberta K. Merkle rmerkle at
Mon Mar 1 11:02:18 EST 1999

Techniques for Characterization of Complex Carbohydrates

Four courses will be offered in 1999 at the Complex Carbohydrate Research
Center (CCRC) of The University of Georgia: 
Course 1 (June 21-25) Separation and Characterization of Glycoprotein
Course 2 (June 28-July 2) Structural Analysis of Oligosaccharides
Course 3 (July 12-16) Mass Spectrometry and MS/MS Analysis of Glycoconjugates 
Course 4 (July 12-16)  NMR of Carbohydrates

Courses will consist of hands-on laboratory work, demonstrations and
lectures; lab manual including selected analytical techniques and
references will be provided.  More details can be seen at the CCRC web
site at     

For further information and application form contact Dr. Roberta K.
Merkle, CCRC, 220 Riverbend Road, The University of Georgia, Athens,
Georgia 30602-4712.  Phone: 706-542-4402.  FAX: 706-542-4412.  E-mail:
rmerkle at

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