LN2 catalogues

Henry Hoppe hhoppe at genzyme.com
Wed Mar 3 08:47:47 EST 1999

We are using Filemaker Pro v4.0 for our liquid nitogen cell banks.  You
need to set up the database (It took a high school senior intern about a
day) and then enter the information (which is the most tedious part). 
Hiring a computer temp for a day for the database and then a temp data
entry person might be the way to go.  We did an actual physical
inventory at the time to ensure completeness.  It works great and is
very flexible.  For a single computer use, the program is about $150
US.  We are networking ours on a dedicated server, with automated backup
to our mainframe, which might be more than you need.

Dr. Henry Hoppe
Director Applied Expression
Genzyme Corporation
hhoppe at genzyme.com

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