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Judith Y.-Brown, Ph.D. jybrown at utmb.edu
Wed Mar 3 13:50:43 EST 1999

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Research Associate I: An opening exists for an experienced
microinjectionist in the
Microinjection/Microdissection Core Facility at the University of Texas
Medical Branch (UTMB) at

We are currently looking for an experienced microinjectionist to take
part in a unique technology
transfer opportunity with UTMB and Gene-Cell, Inc., a local
biotechnology company. Gene-Cell,
Inc. is a small publicly traded (OTCBB: GCLL), company engaged in the
development of
innovative products for use in human gene therapy. The successful
individual will work on
projects of interest to both parties, spending half time at Gene-Cell
and half time at UTMB.  B.S.
degree with a minimum of 3 years experience or an MS degree in the area
of cell biology,
biochemistry, molecular biology or equivalent is required. The
individual should be well versed in
the method of glass needle-mediated microinjection. Experience with cell
culture and molecular
biology techniques is considered a plus but not a requirement. The
individual will be responsible
for performing experiments requiring glass needle-mediated
microinjection technology, including
gene expression and cell viability experiments, maintaining various cell
culture lines, and
participating in general lab maintenance.

UTMB provides a competitive benefits package including health care and
retirement. Salary is
competitive and commensurate with experience. Starting date can be as
early as July 1, 1999.
Candidates are requested to mail or e-mail, in confidence, their résumé
and the names of 3
references to:

Dr. David B. Brown, Director
Microinjection/Microdissection Core Facility
Sealy Center for Oncology and Hematology
Department of Human Biological Chemistry and Genetics
University of Texas Medical Branch
Galveston, TX 77555-0645
e-mail: dbrown at utmb.edu

University of Texas is an equal opportunity employer.

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