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Fri Mar 5 12:39:31 EST 1999

We are pleased to announce the opening of the world's largest filter commerce
site.  Visit the new Osmonics Lab Store at:


Osmonics Laboratory Products Group features MSI and Poretics products.

The Osmonics Lab Store is your single stop for purchasing laboratory products
including filter membranes, hybridization membranes, syringe filters,
centrifuge filters, filtration hardware and capsule filters. Check out our
Technical Library for the latest research papers on using laboratory
products.  Get online and telephone technical support from our team of
scientists who are eager to answer your questions.

Our Filtration Wizard can find the filter you need - to search by
size/material, chemical compatibility, or application area, visit

With every purchase of Osmonics Lab Products, you will receive tokens that can
be traded in for free Osmonics products like a coffeemaker, a boom box, a
mountain bike and other great premiums.  Our Product Spotlight details the
benefits available at: http://www.osmolabstore.com/spotlite/gifted1.htm

Please bookmark us for your next Lab Filtration need!

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