Study guide notes on cell biology

Dr. Randall Oelerich oelerich at [delete-this]
Sat Mar 6 18:48:06 EST 1999

Recently I posted on the net a set of introductory level cell biology
study guide notes / outlines that my students and collegues have found
extremely useful (see link below). Please feel at liberty to add a link
to these study notes from your biology website, and to let students know
they are free to print out and use the notes for adjunct study material
for cell / general biology courses.

(Can also be gotten to from <> main menu)

My apologies for intruding on this usenet - I just thought this is where
cell and general biology course instructors might hang out, and I want
students to gain access to my study notes to help them with their

:) Dr. Randall Oelerich,
   Biological Sciences
   Lake Superior College

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