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Gerrit Bouw gbouw at sci.kun.nl
Wed Mar 10 17:04:49 EST 1999

Dear Sylvie,

I myself cultured pc12 cells for IF, I never had any problems with those cells on coverslips. However, you could try to coat the slides with poly-L-Lysin, the exact protocol is not in my hands though. Other experience with growing cells on coverslips is that you should at least give them 1 or 2 days time to attach.....

Good luck!

Gerrit Bouw
  Sylvie Gélinas <sylvie.gelinas2NOSPAM at cgocable.ca> wrote in message news:7WmF2.3285$_n2.81682 at carnaval.risq.qc.ca...
  Has anyone experience in cultivating pc12 cells for immunofluorescence?  My problem is concerning coverslide.   I'm looking for pre-coated glass coverslide.  
  Thank you and sorry for my English.
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