UV sterilization???

Jens Hansson Jens.Hansson at urokir.lu.se
Wed Mar 10 04:01:59 EST 1999

I have an UVP CL-1000 crosslinker (wave length 254 nm), which I have used to
UV crosslink DNA to nylon membranes. However, I also like to be able to
sterilize lab.equipment like plastic tubes, scissors etc, but I do not know
how much 254 nm irradiation is needed. I guess it depends on the material,
the distance from the light-bulbs etc. However, the UVP CL-1000 crosslinker
is a box, with the light-bulbs in the roof, and the item is placed on the
floor, about 18 cm between the floor and roof. The preprogrammed UV exposure
setting is 120 000 microjoules per cm2, the recommended exposure for DNA
crosslinking to membranes, but I guess sterilization requires more
irradiation. Any suggestions??

/Jens Hansson

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