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¦¨¥»«Øºô¤W°Ó©±"¡C­«ÂI²`¤J±´°Qºô¤W°Ó©± (Internet E-Commerce) ´£¤Î
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¦p¦³¥ô¦ó°ÝÃD¡A½Ð­P¹q 2388-6133, 8203-3885, or 9777-7215¡C

Are you looking for an E-Commerce Provider to handle your web
site transactions? Global Solutions Network is the answer for
you. We provide Real Time Credit Cards Transactions Processing 
Services for your web business.

Being our client, you will receive a unique Merchant ID and 
password to identify your web business. Just logon to our 
servers, you will be able to view your daily transaction 
report in full details.

This Month's Promotion! - One-Time Setup Fee: $3800

On Feb 24 & Mar 3,1999, Hong Kong Economic Times' IT Times has a 
special report on Internet Commerce - "Setting up a Web Store 
at the most affordable way". In its main discussion, it talks 
about E-Commerce and our company's Real-Time Transaction 
Services. According to their survey, our company Global 
Solutions Network ranks the best in "Ease of Merchant Services
Application" and "Secure Payment Method". 

If you have any questions, just give us a call at
2388-6304, 852-9777-7215, 8203-3885

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