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Postdoctoral fellowship (EU-TMR network)

	The Department of General Physiology invites applications for a 
year possibly extended to three-year postdoctoral position.
	Prominent fields of research at the Department of Physiology 
molecular and cellular physiology of renal cells the control of channel
functions by hormones, and by intracellular second messengers. The
Department provides a vigorous research environment with strength in  
biology, molecular biology, cell cultures.
We are involved in the study of several aspects of molecular mechanisms
responsible for water transport through specific water channels called
aquaporins.  One aspect of the research we wish to develop, and which 
be the major reserch topic of the post-doc we want to appoint,  regards 
regulation of AQP2 trafficking .  We have established a kidney cell 
stably transfected with rat AQP2. The AQP2 is translocated to the 
membrane under vasopressin stimulation and this effect is accompained 
by a
dramatic increase of the osmotic water permeability.
Only some proteins involved in the regulated exocytosis of the AQP2 
already been identified but their role in the trafficking of the AQP2 
channel has never been demonstrated in a cell culture system in which a
regulated pathway  for water transport is retained.
More specifically we  would propose to:
-Identify proteins involved in AQP2 trafficking by RT-PCR using 
and specific primers and identify the cellular compartement where they 
expressed using specific antibodies.
-Delivery of antisense mRNA or antibody injection to evaluate the
physiological role of these proteins in vivo.  The effect of this 
will be evaluated by immunofluorescence studies and functional assay.
-Transfect renal cells with mutated AQP2 and analyze the trafficking
The successful applicant will join a group engaged in a combined cell
biology and molecular-biological approach toward the functional 
sequencing and cloning of proteins involved in AQP2 trafficking.
Applications from candidates with basic expertise in molecular biology
techniques will be especially welcome. Detail about the Aquaporin 
can be found in this web site:

The salary will be on the University salary scale.

	Applications including CV should be forwarded to:
Prof. Giovanna Valenti, Dipartimento di Fisiologia Gerneralew e 
via Amendola 165/A Bari (Italy)
phone:	(39)-080-5443444
fax:      (39)-080-5443444
em: 	g.valenti at

Dr. Giovanna Valenti
Dipartimento di Fisiologia Generale e Ambientale
Via Amendola 165/A
70126 Bari - Italy
phone   +39-080-544.3444
fax      +39-080-544.3388
e-mail g.valenti at

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