Enzymes info urgently required

carla cicala at unina.it
Fri Mar 19 14:24:30 EST 1999

Enzyme are proteins and, as all proteins, they have primary, secondary and
tertiary structure. These structures indicate as aminoacids are positioned
in the structure of the protein and spatially. You can find information in
any book of biology or organic chemistry in the protein chapter.
If you cannot find more, tell me i can find it for you.
Benjamin Scott ha scritto nel messaggio
<7cpgvd$mfa$1 at news5.svr.pol.co.uk>...
>Hi, my name is Ben I am new to this group and I am desperate..
>I have been told in an E-mail from a friend that ezymes have a primary,
>secondary and tertiary structure...well I think that is how they meant it?
>But I dont seem to be able to find any reference to it in my biology
>books...Any help would be greatly appreciated, it is 12.19am and i have to
>leave for college to hand in my essay at 6.30am!!!
>Thanking you in anticipation
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