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> What causes a person to have an allergic reaction to asprin?  If that process
> is universal for all cells or just stomach cells would be the question to ask.
An allergic reaction to aspirin, if a true allergic reaction, results
from the same cause as every other allergic reaction: the immune system
responds to the foreign chemical substance, triggering a cascade of
reacitons within the body that results in allergic symtoms (e.g. itching, 
rash, sneexing, etc.)  This is generally a system wide result, although
the symptoms appear in different parts of the body due to the
distribution of receptors for the histamines released.  The side effect
often cited with aspirin use is stomach irritation.  This is not an
allergic reaction, but rather due to an irritation of the stomach lining
by the aspirin itself.  I believe this is due to local disruption of the
mucosal lining of the stomach by inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis.


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