Lymphocyte proliferation assay with specific antigen stimulation

Hua-Chen Chang hua-chen.chang.1 at
Mon Mar 29 14:49:47 EST 1999

I like to get some advise from all the experts on immunology.

I am trying to evaluate lymphocyte proliferation with speficic antigen
stimulation.  The antigen is a virus.

I noticed that most of the articles use inactivated virus for this assay.
However, I have heard that live virus can also do the work.  The reason for
inactivated virus for stimulation in lymphocyte proliferation is to provide a
class II processing pathway or avoid the cell killing by the virus, or any
particular reason?

Does MHC class II processing pathway is still required for in vitro lymphocyte
proliferation assay?  CTL assay by standard Cr-51 release assayt does not need
live virus for stimulation.

Is APC required for nonspecific stimulation with ConA in this assay?

It only takes two days for ConA stimulation.  How many days does this assay
for antigen specific stimulation?

Thank you all.
Hua-Chen Chang

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