Work at home in your underwear

Brad Henschel bradley at NORTHNET.NET
Fri May 21 04:49:00 EST 1999

Hello! I apologize if this message has reached you in error. I recently purchased a list of 
people interested in a business opportunity and your address was on the list. Just delete this 
message and you will never hear from me again.


I want to let you know about a very successful way to do
business on the Internet. I own my own business and I have 
discovered that the best way to market my product is by simply letting
my customers see it before they buy it. This concept is called
shareware and it is available now thanks to the Internet. However,
shareware is only cost effective when your product is information
based. If you would like to see how this method of marketing works, you
can check a site that offers FREE information using this
concept. The site is
Hoping this information to be helpful, 

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