culturing problems

Elizabeth Aluck ealuck at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 5 17:04:44 EST 1999

I work for a biotech company that cultures hybridoma cells for the 
production of monoclonal antibodies.  We recently built a new cell culture 
laboratory and I have been having an unusually high number of culture 
problems.  About 15 different cell lines which I have successfully grown in 
other labs are not growing in this new lab.  I have eliminated obvious 
problems, such as media, CO2%, and temp.  If you have absolutely any ideas 
as to why I cannot get these cell lines to grow, or if you know anyone who 
might be able to help, I would greatly appreciate it.  If I cannot solve 
this problem soon, I will have to shut the whole lab down.  You can reach me 
at ealuck at
Thank you for your time!
Elizabeth Aluck

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